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Instructions for the Use of Household Electrical Switches

Issuing time:2018-05-26 00:00

1. Generally, switches are not waterproof structures, so when using in the environment of water and other liquid dispersion and injection, please take protective measures for switches.

2. Do not use the micro-switch under the condition of continuous vibration and shock. With the generation of abrasive debris, it may lead to contact failure and work disorder, shorten life and so on. In addition, if excessive vibration or impact is applied, the contact may be mistaken action, adhesion, damage and so on. Please install it in the direction without resonance and in the position without vibration and shock.

3. Do not use in the environment of high temperature and humidity with harmful gases such as sulphide gas, ammonia, nitric acid gas, chlorine gas, etc. Otherwise, it may be damaged due to poor contact and corrosion.

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